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Hi, friend! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Emily Richett, a former TV news reporter turned publicist who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you succeed. As a publicist and consultant, I use my insider knowledge and expertise to help business owners solve all sorts of problems, ranging from social media strategy to brand awareness, from how to reach new customers to how to grow the bottom line. I know how challenging it can be, because I’ve done it myself.

As a former TV news reporter, I got to shine a light on incredible people doing interesting things. I interviewed literally thousands of people with a microphone in my hand, from small business owners to celebrities to political leaders to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, my work has been featured on television and radio stations across the country and I’ve had opportunities to work with some major brands.

In 2013, I left a job I loved and took a big risk to do something even more rewarding: I started my own PR firm from scratch (… and also got married, hired my first employee that year, then had a baby the next… probably not the best time to launch a new business but I like to keep things exciting!). And now, helping other entrepreneurs to succeed by increasing their visibility, credibility and profitability is what I do.

I already had experience representing businesses to the masses in front of the camera, but now I’ve logged a few years on the other side, and I’ve learned a ton about how to position any business so it’ll stand out in its industry.

And what I’ve learned is that everyone has a unique set of skills and talents to share with the world. You don’t have to run a large business or have a thousand clients to make an impact. Every entrepreneur has a story to tell. You have a story to tell. You just need to learn how to tell it in a compelling way that generates excitement, garners media attention and makes you stand out in your industry.

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Sound good? Then you’ve come to the right place. I love sharing my expertise with business owners like you. Whether in my email newsletters or through programs like my six-week course, Amplify, I share my expertise with you right where you are. I take everything I’ve learned about the power of media and I teach people like you how to brand yourself with intention, increase your social presence, and become the media’s go-to expert in your industry.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Emily, PR is expensive and it takes time – and I’m too busy running my business!” (…and probably managing a happy household, juggling busy schedules, and hopefully, making lots of time to celebrate the daily joys along the way. I get it. Let’s not even talk about my growing mountain of dirty laundry.) You’re thinking your to-do list is too long already. You’re thinking about carpools and demanding clients, dinner parties and inventory, and you’re thinking you don’t have the financial resources to invest in PR.

I’d say you’re right. Building a memorable brand that gets noticed does take time and effort. But, if spending thousands of dollars a month on a PR firm is out of your ballpark, then learning how to be your own best publicist is the solution for you. And here’s the best part: it will be more effective, more genuine and more rewarding!

Your entrepreneurial spirit combined with my PR know-how? It’s going to be a fantastic combination, my friend. And I can’t wait to get started!

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*Not ready to become the media expert in your industry just yet? Not a problem. I’m here for you when you need me. In the meantime, check out some of my free resources or visit my blog where I share thoughts on life, motherhood & business.

And let’s connect on Instagram (warning: lots of baby thigh rolls & adorableness of daily life here) and Facebook (where I mostly talk biz).


Official Bio

Emily Richett is the founder and owner of Richett Media, a public relations firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The firm serves a growing, selective list of local and national clients. As an on-air host and spokesperson, Emily’s work has been featured on television and radio stations throughout the U.S., representing major brands such as Wal-Mart and DaimlerChrysler. She frequently contributes to publications like Entrepreneur and INC.com.

Before starting Richett Media in 2013, Emily was a TV news reporter who championed small businesses and nonprofits, sharing more than 6,000 positive news stories about great people doing amazing things.

In 2016, Emily started offering her infectious energy and hard-earned PR savvy to entrepreneurs and personal brands everywhere, with a personalized, online coaching and training service that teaches small business owners how to become their own best publicist.

Emily holds a degree in public relations and broadcast journalism from Western Michigan University and a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. Her biggest loves are her husband and their two girls, Jane and Josephine. She believes tacos, a glass of craft cider and hard laughter with a good friend can cure just about anything.