Publicity training
Are you ready to become an industry leader, gain visibility, and grow your brand?
In just 6 weeks, I'll teach you everything you need to position yourself as an expert, to gain valuable media coverage, and to leverage your publicity for more visibility, brand credibility, and ultimately--more profitability.
What would be possible if more people knew about your business?
Imagine being featured in your industry's top publications or regularly being interviewed in the news. 

Consider the impact: Being positioned as an expert in your field and getting more customers and clients as a result. 

Before you know it, getting press becomes second nature. Eventually, reporters and editors start to reach out to you. Your brand awareness has skyrocketed and you're being asked to speak at events and to share your expertise. 
  •  Do you sell a high-quality product or service and wish you could get more sales if only more people knew about you?
  •  Or, do you want to be seen as the go-to-expert in your industry, but you don't have the budget to hire a PR firm on retainer or where to begin?
  •  Maybe you're tired of seeing your competitors or other people taking the spotlight when you know you deserve it, too.
Gaining valuable publicity for your business is usually: 
     1. expensive- hiring a firm on retainer or publicist is typically thousands a month  
     2. time consuming- trying to figure it out on your own can take months or even years
     3. not effective- you know the saying: want it cheap & fast? Then it's not going to be good. 

And while you could hire a PR firm and spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the media’s attention, there's an industry secret nobody is talking about...
You just need the right roadmap to follow and a PR coach to guide you-- saving you all that time & money while helping you achieve results!
That's why I created the 6-week online publicity course...
I’m Emily Richett
A former TV news reporter and current publicist. Over the past decade, I've worked with everyone from Fortune 500 leaders to solopreneurs, helping them grow their brands, increase their visibility, and ultimately, their profitability.

I’m going to help you take your business to the next level.
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This 6-week program takes you through everything you need to know to get the visibility your brand needs.

Tell Stories the Media Loves

How to craft your message to resonate with the media and an audience of thousands of potential customers.

Find Press Opportunities

Where to find easy media opportunities for your business and how to leverage them to get known.

Pitch Like a Pro

How to pitch your business, product, or services to the media in a way that will get them to say YES!

Get Visibility 

Gain the visibility you need and position yourself as the go-to expert or leader in your industry.

Dominate the Media

How to prepare for and to dominate the different types of media opportunities available.

Increase Your Sales

How to leverage your media opportunities for an impact on your brand and your bottom line.
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A few bonuses to ensure you succeed!
In addition to the in-depth video lessons, you’ll have access to: 
The Amplify PR VIP Community
Access to a private Facebook group for one year where you will receive access to VIP interviews with industry experts, an engaged community to receive actionable advice, and media pitching opportunities direct from my media contacts! I will be in the FB group daily during the course, answering questions, sharing PR ideas and holding you accountable! 
Weekly Live Office Hours
I’ll be hosting weekly live office hours to address your specific questions, troubleshoot any problems you have and to keep you moving seamlessly through the course to achieve results. Signing up for AMPLIFY gives you direct access to my PR coaching
The Speaker Lab
Learn how to generate thought leadership as a speaker, how to select the best topics to present, and how to pitch yourself for speaking opportunities that will increase your visibility as well as profits!
The Amplify PR Media Vault - 
Enroll by November 20!
You'll learn how to develop your own media list in Amplify, but you won't be starting from scratch. I'm opening up my PR firm's media database to you. Access to our media database costs thousands of dollars a year. 
~what people are saying ~
Emily has supercharged my business with her PR skills! She’s amazing at navigating the complex world of media- locking down great events and coverage that aligns perfectly with my business goals. Working with Emily is what you need to get to the next level.
After implementing just the first two lessons of what Emily teaches in Amplify, my doula agency landed two TV features and a radio interview! The best part? Now reporters are contacting me for story ideas!

I highly recommend Amplify. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it,   just sign up- you’ll be glad you did.
Kristin Revere
Before I opened my shop, I didn’t have a plan for publicity. I was busy hiring and training staff, creating menus and finishing construction so we could open our doors. 

Working with Emily was a big success! We had coverage on all the major TV, radio, and print outlets. I had hoped the investment would come back tenfold and our first week in, I can confidently say it already has. 
Adam Ouelette
After one consult with Emily, I landed two TV interviews and two print articles... and my weekend marriage intensive sold-out! Since then, I've been a recurring guest on a local TV station and I'm frequently asked to provide expert advice and tips.
Lindsay Castleman
Marriage & Family Counselor
Your Foundation- Set for Success
  • Your Audience- How to find where your audience is consuming news and how to target them
  • Your Stories- Create newsworthy stories the media loves
  • Your Visuals- How to help reporters and editors visually share your story
  • Your Call to Action- Construct a compelling offer that converts viewers into paying customers
  • Publicity Plan- create an easy, effective PR strategy & pitching calendar that will turn your plans into action
Pitch Perfection
  • The Art of the Pitch- the elements every good pitch needs to get you booked and the common pitch pitfalls to avoid
  • Connecting with Media- how to find and connect with the media gatekeepers who can  share your story and how to build a meaning relationship with them
  • Follow-up Success- How to follow-up and make sure your pitch equals press
Creating Your PR Toolkit
  • Your Bios- The types you need to have ready for different media opportunities 
  • Press Kit- What is it and how to leverage it for more publicity
  • Visuals- how to use photography and video for maximum exposure 
  • Press Releases- When to use them and how to write them
Media Opportunities: How To Land ‘em & How to Rock ‘em!
  • The Product Round-Up- perfect for product-based businesses, retailers, or niche industries
  • The Live Morning TV Feature- one of the best opportunities in media
  • Podcasts - how to pitch + prepare like a pro
  • The Expert Interview - building thought leadership as the media's go-to expert
  • Becoming a Contributor- writing for major publications and getting your own byline
Media Training 101 & Beyond
  • Preparing- what to do before, during, and after your interview
  • Media Sheet- the "secret sauce" that will have you nailing every media appearance
  • On-air tips- what to do when being interviewed on-camera, preparing for the unexpected and rolling with the punches
Turning Press Into Profit
  • Content Compound Effect- how to turn one piece of coverage into ongoing, valuable content for your brand
  • Press into Profit formula-Learn the techniques you need to turn Press into profit
  • Leveraging FB ads to turn your press into a lead generating, profit machine
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12 Monthly Payments of
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I’m confident you’ll love the course, but if for some reason you don’t, I’ll refund your money within the first 14 days!
Nicole Walters shares how working with Emily Amplified her brand...
frequently asked questions
When does the course start and finish?
For our "live session," we'll be beginning March 5, but you can go at your own pace and you can go through it again whenever, and however often you’d like! Enrollment will close on March 1-- so be sure to join soon and you'll have a welcome video and trainings to get you started before the course officially kicks off March 5.
How is AMPLIFY Different from pR Books other Programs?
I’ve been on both sides of the pitch-- as a reporter and a publicist. No matter what your business model is, chances are, I’ve helped one like yours score media coverage.

AMPLIFY is different because it's very tactical-- I share real examples. And, I don’t just teach you the content and leave you to fend for yourself. You’ll have access to me and I’ll be answering your specific questions every week in our private group and during our live office hours. 
What if I am unhappy with the course?
You have 14 days to try AMPLIFY, risk-free for a full refund. That simple!
ready to amplify?
You're on the brink of something great... let's do this!
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